Reporting and Renewal Procedures

The Foundation has launched an online grants management portal where applicants can submit requests, file reports and review their grant history online, in order to streamline the application process. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions page before beginning your application or grant report.

Renewal Guidelines

In preparation for the renewal application process, please download the Renewal Application Overview, which outlines the information you will need and questions you’ll be asked in the online application.

Step 1: If you are a current grantee and would like to reapply for funding, please contact Hollyann Vickers, Grants Manager, at to receive access to the renewal proposal.

Step 2: Once you’ve received email confirmation that access to the renewal proposal has been established, please use your log-in information to access our online Grants Management Portal.

Step 3: Complete the Organizational Profile for your organization (this is where you will upload your 501(c)3), as well as your personal Contact Information.

Step 4: Select the Current Proposals icon to access the WLS Spencer renewal application entitled “DRAFT” (be sure to change this title to something appropriate for your project). Please DO NOT click on the “New Proposal” icon on your homepage. This will take you to the wrong application.

Step 5: Save frequently using the “Save” button on the application page, as the form will not auto-save your work. This will also enable you to log out and return to your work. When you have completed the application and uploaded the required attachment(s), click Submit.

Step 6: After you have submitted an application, your request will be considered. You may view/print a submitted application, but will not be able to edit it.

Reporting Instructions

If you were previously a WLS Spencer Foundation grantee and are not planning on reapplying at this time, please use the following instructions to submit your online grant report.

Step 1: Review the Report Overview to familiarize yourself with the report questions and required documents.

Step 2: Log-in using your registration information here: Online Grants Management Portal.

Step 4: Select the “Grant Reports to Complete” icon to access the report form and click on the appropriate grant report link.

Step 5: Save frequently using the “Save” button on the application page, as the form will not auto-save your work. This will also enable you to log out and return to your work.

Step 6: When you have completed the report and uploaded the required attachment(s), click Submit. Once you have submitted the report it cannot be edited.

Helpful Tips

We recommend working on your application or grant report in Word rather than in the online application form, particularly if you are working with several people to complete the application. Then, copy and paste your consolidated answers into the online form.

The Foundation’s goal is to make the grant process as manageable as possible for grantees. Please direct technical questions and feedback about the application process to Hollyann Vickers, Grants Manager, at 415-561-6540 x 234 or